Intracesarean Insertion and Fixation of Frameless IUD for
Immediate Postpartum Contraception
Recommendations for training by Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD
Use of frameless intrauterine devices and systems in young nulliparous and adolescent women: results of a multicenter study
The reliability of the anchoring concept for suspension of bioactive
substances in the human uterus evaluated by measuring the removal
force: results after long-term use
Precision intrauterine contraception may significantly increase continuation of use:
a review of long-term clinical experience with frameless copper-releasing intrauterine contraception devices
Intrauterine device quo vadis? Why intrauterine device use should be revisited particularly
in nulliparous women?
The force required to remove the frameless 0-suture IUD anchoring
system: comparison between pre- and postmenopausal women